Event regulations

CarcosaCon convention 2020 – regulations

  1. Each participant of the CarcosaCon 2020 Convention (further referred to as “CarcosaCon”) by buying or receiving a ticket or an entrance pass accepts these regulations and at the same time undertakes to comply the terms of these regulations.
  2. All participants of CarcosaCon are obliged to read, accept and follow the content of these regulations. Failure to do so cannot be the basis for any claims against the Black Monk Michal Lisowski(further referred to as the Organizer) and/or his employees and subcontractors.
  3. Participants who do not comply with the regulations may be removed from CarcosaCon’s area without a refund of the ticket or entry pass and other possible costs.
  4. The regulations are available:
  1. CarcosaCon takes place at:

Czocha Castle, located at Sucha, 59-820 Leśna,

further called “Castle”,.on 26st-29th March 2020.

  1. Participants of CarcosaCon can stay on the premises of the Castle in the following hours:
  • Thursday 26th March 2020 from 18:00 till 23:59
  • Friday 27th March 2020 from 12:00 till 23:59
  • Saturday 28th March 2020 from 00:00 till 23:59
  • Sunday 29th March 2020 from 00:00 till 16:00

or if the information displayed at the entrance states otherwise. Hotel rooms check-in is 15:00, check out is 12:00.

  1. Ticket sales and room booking. Participants who booked a ticket or room with bank transfer payment option has 48h to complete the payment for their order. After that time their order and room booking may be cancelled.
  2. A presale ticket is exchanged for an ID badge. Only participants holding such an identifier may stay on the premises of CarcosaCon.
  3. Each participant is obliged to carry their identifier in a visible place. Deliberate removal, tearing or other damage done to the identifier may result in not being allowed to enter the premises of CarcosaCon, or being removed from them. In the event of loss of the identifier, one should report to the registration help desk in order to purchase a new ticket in a value of 99 EUR (ninety nine euro). Transfer of the ID badge to individuals other than participant named on the badge is strictly forbidden and may result in removing both individuals/participants from the CarcosaCon without refund.
  4. Participants without the identifier on them will be shown out by the security team.
  5. Because of security reasons, Organizers and security team have a right to check the luggage and other personal belongings with respect to privacy.
  6. The organizer is not responsible for damages incurred by participants on the body, property and the mind.
  7. Organizers are not responsible for any damages and harm caused by third parties or by participants, especially due to breaking the law or these regulations.
  8. Organizers are not responsible for any damages and harm caused by any terrorist attacks or force majeure (like fire, explosion, thunderstorm, wind, flood.
  9. Medical aid:
  • On the premises of CarcosaCon there’s an emergency medical assistance point, operated by paramedics and EMTs, who will provide medical healthcare in line with their professional qualifications.
  • Health benefits provided on CarcosaCon are first emergency help. Health benefits in the field emergency assistance are provided at the accident site or at medical points designated by the organizers;
  • Those who suffer from chronic diseases, allergies and etc., are obliged to have their own medication and to have valid information about their health condition, disease, and any problems regarding potential treatment.
  • The injured and the sick treated at the emergency medical assistance point will be required to present an ID and/or passport and/or school ID.
  • Medical assistance points do not provide deposit services and are not liable for the participants’ valuables.
  • If the examined participant’s state gives a justified suspicion that their physical injuries or medical problems could be caused by committing a crime, the paramedic providing medical assistance will report to the organizer, who will notify the police.
  • In justified cases, the injured participant may be transported to a healthcare facility.
  • Healthcare facility may request proof of health insurance otherwise extra charges may apply.
  1. Throughout the duration of the event underage participants are required to have on them and be able to present at the entrance the parent’s or legal guardian’s phone number, as well as consent for participation in CarcosaCon. The consent form will be emailed to participants before the event starts.
  2. The Organizer is not responsible for the items left unattended or lost.
  3. It is forbidden (except situation described in point 18) to enter CarcosaCon while carrying:
  • any weapons, as defined in the current Weapons and Ammunition Act of Poland;
  • ammunition to weapons mentioned above;
  • melee weapons, except for knives, training weapons with blunt edges, and so-called safe LARP weapons – all if they are carried in a safe way for other participants
  • explosives;
  • drugs, toxic, malodorous or flammable substances.
  1. During CarcosaCon, it is forbidden to point weapons or any dangerous tool at other participants, unless they consented to it (e.g. while posing to photos).
  2. CarcosaCon’s participants are obliged to keep its premises- both inside and between the Convention buildings- clean and tidy.
  3. On the premises of Convention and hotels alcohol consumption is allowed only in specificated and designated places. It is forbidden to consume and bring in alcohol inside any hotel room.
  4. It is forbidden to smoke within CarcosaCon’s premises. Smoking is allowed only in designated space.
  5. It is forbidden to possess and use any drugs and psychotropic substances within CarcosaCon’s premises.

Please note: all kind of soft or hard drugs, including cannabis is illegal in Poland and you will be prosecuted for possession and/or use of these.

  1. Participants under the influence of alcohol, other drugs and psychotropic substances may be removed from CarcosaCon’s premises.
  2. Each participant must behave properly and follow the decisions of the Organizer. Any complaints against the decisions of the Organizer may be submitted to the Convention Directors – their decision is final. In the case of an argument between CarcosaCon’s participants, the determining authority is the Managing Director, whose decision is final.
  3. The Organizer is not liable for the damage caused by participants. The perpetrators are liable (therein financially) for any damage.
  4. All advertising materials, the presence of which on the convention was not agree with the Organizer of the convention will be removed from CarcosaCon’s premises, along with their distributors. These people will be charged with the cost of remediation of possible damage resulting from their actions,
  5. Night-time accommodation is available only in designated hotel rooms. The number of beds is limited and restricted only for participants who purchased the accommodation tickets in advance. Organizers do not provide additional accommodation onsite for not pre-registered guests.
  6. Curfew is imposed in specified areas in the hotel wing between 24:00. and 6:00 a.m. Those who sleep in the hotel rooms, are required to behave in good manners and keep the place – and themselves – clean and tidy.
  7. People who run program points (further referred to as Lecturers) are obliged to leave the lecture rooms in the state, in which they found them. In the event of gross damage to the room upon it being passed on, the Lecturers are obliged to immediately notify the Organizers.
  8. Contest prizes take the form of phisical rewards. Rewards will not be exchanged for money.
  9. Those who help in preparation and conducting CarcosaCon can’t take part in competitions and tournaments that take place during the convention. In addition, if a contest or a tournament is organized by entities or organizations other than the Organizer, the representatives and employees of such entities and organizations cannot participate in contests and tournaments organized during CarcosaCon.
  10. On the premises of CarcosaCon it is not permitted to duplicate any products protected by copyright and trade their illegal copies.
  11. The Organizer is not liable for and does not identify with the opinions expressed by the Participants (including the Lecturers) during the convention.
  12. It is strictly forbidden to conduct political activities within the premises of CarcosaCon, in particular election campaigns and political canvassing. Those, who do not comply with this rule, will be removed from the premises of the convention.
  13. Each participant on the area of CarcosaCon and hotels consents and agrees to Organizers recording of his/her image, likeness, and voice and its royalty-free use in connection with any commercial use, transmission or publication in any media worldwide, including online, Convention websites and social channels, press releases and in Convention marketing and promotional materials. Participants agree Convention shall forever be the exclusive owner of all copyright and other rights in and to any such recordings, photographs, and other materials related to the Convention. Participant acknowledges and agrees Organizers may edit, mix, arrange, cut, use or re-use, in whole or in parts, all such recordings, photographs and other materials related to the Convention and his/her waives any right to inspect or approve of the edits, final products or usage. Participant grants Convention permission to use his/her name and statements, with or without attribution, related to the Convention in any media worldwide. Participant understands and hereby waives his/her right to any form of compensation and all legal claims, including for libel, slander, invasion of privacy, and copyright infringement, related to the Convention and its use.
  14. Each participant must treat other participants with respect. Physical or verbal abuse might result in the removal from the convention and reporting the abuser to the authorities. The full description of rules against harassment can be found on the website: www.CarcosaCon.com
  15. Please note: CarcosaCon is being held in a medieval castle, due to its technical and architectural limitations of the Czocha Castle, Organizers are not able to provide full access for handicapped participants. The Czocha Castle does not have handicap accessible entrance neither elevators or escalators.

Most of the Convention activities may be not available for handicapped participants, Organizers are very sorry for this.

  1. It is forbidden to bring in animals onto CarcosaCon’s premises. The prohibition does not apply to guide dogs for the disabled.
  2. The regulations for return of purchased tickets. According to regulations in Article. 38 Point 12 of Polish Law “Consumers Rights Act” (Dz.U.2017.0.683 t.j. – Ustawa z dnia 30 maja 2014 r. o prawach konsumenta) CarcosaCon event ticket refund is not possible. All sales are final.
  3.  Ticket resale by participants or unathorized ticket transfer is forbidden and organizers bare a right to cancel such ticket without refund.
  4. All commercial and marketing materials must be approved by CarcosaCon Organizers in writing or email otherwise they will be removed from the premises on their owner costs.
  5. All sales or solicitation must be approved by CarcosaCon Organizers in writing or email otherwise violators will be removed from the premises on their owner costs without ticket refund. Penalty up to 1500 EUR may be applied.
  6. Event schedule posted on CarcosaCon website is information only and is subject to change without prior notice. Any changes may not be a reason for ticket or accommodation refund for participants.
  7. Due to a high amount of participants, some of the scheduled activities may have participant limits. Organizers give no participation guarantee, in such case, it may not be a reason for ticket or accommodation refund for participants.
  8. Organizers guarantee the safety of the event only in case all participants respect rules of CarcosaCon and Polish Code of Law.
  9. If any issues are not listed in these regulations, the Polish Code of Law and hotel facilities regulations apply.
  10. Organizers reserve a right to change these regulations without prior notice.

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